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Strategic Market Assessment of a Disease Area


A specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing novel treatment therapies for ophthalmic diseases was developing a product to enhance patient outcomes as an add-on to current therapies. RxC was asked to conduct a strategic market assessment study to understand the commercial potential for the product in the US.


As part of our strategic market assessment, RxC addressed a number of elements including:

  • Assessment of the therapeutic area including key unmet needs, competitive landscape, competitive product development and product value proposition with likely positioning among key stakeholders

  • Development of treatment flow for the disease, drivers impacting patient journey, clinical practice management challenges, and market access drivers including its challenges and opportunities


The strategic assessment recommendations RxC provided allowed the client to make investments around clinical development programs. Furthermore, the company leveraged RxC’s findings as a base for further deeper understanding of the market segmentation, positioning, and drug labeling.