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Portfolio Management Process for Prioritization of Assets


A global biopharma company was expanding its R&D capabilities and asked RxC International to develop an objective portfolio management (PM) process that would allow the company to continuously prioritize assets and allocate resources to effectively manage its growing portfolio.  


RxC worked with the client to understand their guiding principles and vision to:

  • Develop a high-level PM process map – with key steps, an operating model, project assessment approach as well as qualitative and quantitative criteria and weightings to support the project prioritization.

  • Identify competency requirements and needed resources before pressure testing the model with current portfolio opportunities.

  • Work with the client to define how the PM process would be governed and what the key roles and responsibilities would entail.

  • Develop a roll-out plan with timelines and deliverables to ensure a successful implementation of the PM process and a seamless integration into the current org decision-making process.


The new Portfolio Management Process provided the client with the necessary steps and tools to assess the organizational importance of key projects, identify resource gaps, and make decisions based on trade-off analyses between competing operational and portfolio projects.