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Market Potential of a Phase 3 Drug


A specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing novel treatment therapies for ophthalmic diseases was developing a product to enhance patient outcomes as an add-on to current therapies. RxC International was asked to conduct a market access strategy for the product in the US.


As part of market strategy development, RxC addressed a number of elements including:

  • Development and validation of the market research instrument including creating Target Product Profile (TPP) scenarios to be tested, identifying potential scenarios to assess market shares potentials, and assisting with the selection of a market research vendor to conduct quantitative market research

  • Evaluation of multiple market strategy scenarios that entailed evaluating the conjoint preference shares for the product in combination therapy, developing the forecast model, and leveraging key findings to guide the product’s market entry strategy


The market access strategy that RxC developed on behalf of the client provided a robust forecast model to inform development and commercial investments.