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Jim Smeeding, RPh, MBA

Executive Advisor

Jim Smeeding, RPh, MBA, is the former executive director of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP). He is also a founder of the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies at the University of Texas College of Pharmacy. His research interests are in applied pharmacoeconomics, systems integration and managed care. His pharmacy degree is from the University of Buffalo and his MBA from the University of Texas. Over the past 40 years his practice orientation has been in hospital pharmacy, clinical services design, home infusion therapy, managed care services, and disease management.

Jim is the President of the JestaRx Group a HEOR consultancy that has worked with all major pharmaceutical companies. He is also the Executive VP and founder of Engaged Media a technology driven patient engagement solution used in multiple copay programs. As President of the National Payer Roundtable, Smeeding stays in contact with the Chief Medical Officers and Chief Pharmacy Officers of national and regional health insurers. His hospital pharmacy consultancy practice, Project Rx offers management services to hospitals and hospital groups throughout the US. He has also been active in Cannabis Based Medicines (CBM) research as a founder of CannaPharma Rx.

Jim’s private clients through his Edjudicate LLC, constitute the spectrum of pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, diagnostic testing and all classes of pharmacy affairs – hospital, retail, chain, managed care, academic and research. His broad expertise in professional affairs has allowed his clients to understand, approach and impact medical and pharmacy affairs from product selection through to the value proposition as well as professional communications, patient communications and safety. Jim is widely known for his broad interests and his ability to moderate a program to bring out cogent learning points and make the educational program applicable to practice.