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Global Commercialization Process for Biosimilars


A global biopharma company needed to enhance its Global Commercialization Process (GCP) by optimizing global, regional and cross-functional collaboration.  Then, the streamlined process needed to be institutionalized to ensure the successful commercialization of the client’s biosimilar portfolio.


RxC International worked with the client on a structured approach to enhance the global marketing process using the following steps:

  • Assessed the current global marketing process by reviewing documents and interviewing key stakeholders.

  • Defined best practice GCP including key activities, roles and responsibilities, capabilities and deliverables.

  • Conducted a gap analysis to identify key needs and opportunities for improvement.

  • Developed a comprehensive GCP that incorporated our key recommendations and client input, and provided the supporting mechanisms including preliminary governance and tools.


All GCP deliverables from the product concept phase to clinical development and product launch were identified and aligned to key commercial decision points and the associated development milestones. The enhanced global marketing process provided the client with a roadmap to support the decisions and activities needed to successfully commercialize their product portfolio.