RxC ProLOGS Life Cycle Management Planning Timeline

RxC ProLOGS Timeline.jpg
  1. Situational and gap analysis: approximately 2-3 weeks
  2. Generating initial list of opportunities: 1 week leading up to a 1 Day Workshop
  3. Building custom prioritization framework: 1 week leading up to a 1 Day Workshop
  4. Researching, collecting, and analyzing data to evaluate each life cycle opportunity: approximately 4-6 weeks
  5. Opportunity Evaluation and Prioritization Workshop: team comes together to score life cycle concepts and identify high priority opportunities: 1 week with 1-2 Day Workshop
  6. Business case development for high priority opportunities: 2-3 weeks
  7. LCM plan communication, implementation support and monitoring tools: 1 week (post LCM plan approval by client)
  8. Following year: LCM plans are reviewed and adjusted as needed by life cycle team as part of the annual planning process