Proprietary Frameworks & Models

RxC International has created proprietary frameworks and models to aid our clients in the successful development and commercialization of biopharma products.  Our frameworks reflect the unique blend of strategic and operational expertise our partners have acquired over expansive careers at top consulting and life sciences companies.

RxC International Target Value Profile.jpg

Target Value Profile

We go beyond the traditional Target Product Profile by incorporating payer (HEOR) and patient (PRO) value in our proprietary Target Value Profile.

RxC International New Indication MCRTC Evaluation

New Indication MCRTC Evaluation

Our cross-functional assessment evaluates a product's viability from a medical, clinical, regulatory, tech-ops, and commercial perspective.

RxC International Patient Flow Driven Valuation Model.jpg

Patient Flow Driven Valuation Model

Our state-of-the-art patient flow driven valuation models are ideal for understanding product potential and scenario evaluation.

RxC International 360 Brand Audit.jpg

360 Brand Audit

The 360 Brand Audit is our proprietary model for a comprehensive evaluation of a product's commercial potential and effectiveness.

RxC International Life Cycle Optimization.jpg

Life Cycle Optimization

Our life-cycle management process facilitates identifying new opportunities and optimizing commercialization efforts to maximize an asset's value.

RxC International Commercial Launch Roadmap.jpg

Commercial Launch Roadmap

Our Commercial Launch Roadmap is a toolkit developed using best practices to effectively plan and launch biopharma products globally.

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