MCRTC Assessment

We use our Medical, Clinical, Regulatory, Tech-Ops and Commercial framework to implement a comprehensive, cross-functional approach to evaluate each LCM opportunity across a variety of criteria.  


  • What is the scientific rationale?
  • What is the unmet medical need?
  • What is the treatment algorithm?


  • What is the Clinical Pathway?
  • What are the clinical Study Requirements?
  • What's the clinical Palliative Outcome Scale (POS)?


  • What is the regulatory pathway?
  • What is the intellectual property strategy?
  • What is the regulatory POS?

Technical Operations

  • What is the tech-ops feasibility?
  • What are the tech-ops/CMC requirements?
  • What are the supply chain requirements? 


  • What is the commercial attractiveness/potential?
  • What level of investment is required? What is the target return on investment?