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Vaccines Launch Planning


A top 20 pharma company plans to launch a new product in the US within the next year upon approval.  The brand team needs to develop a plan to ensure that launch activities effectively position the product among both adult and infant patients. RxC International was asked to develop the launch plan in collaboration with cross-functional stakeholders to produce deliverables in a timely fashion.  Additionally, the client asked RxC to align US launch plans with global launch plans to ensure optimal commercialization.


As part of a strategic launch planning approach, RxC developed a rubric of key questions to be addressed, including:

  • What are the key objectives for the US launch?

  • What are the key activities that support the pre-launch and launch activities?

  • What are the supporting strategies and tactics?

  • What are the key timelines, deliverables, and interdependencies around each activity?

  • How will you ensure that the cross-functional stakeholders are aligned on the launch objectives and activities?

  • What are the key performance metrics to ensure successful launch preparations?

RxC also identified and addressed critical drivers in order to position the new product among key stakeholders.

To optimize the product launch, RxC developed a launch plan that included pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities.  Each step in the launch plan included an outline of the following requirements:

  • Key Activity

  • Supporting Strategies & Tactics

  • Deliverables and Timelines

  • Accountability

  • Cross-functional Requirements

  • Interdependencies

  • Budget requirements

  • Cross-functional stakeholder collaboration


The client received the information and plan necessary to understand the scope of the product launch and the activities crucial for its commercial success both within the US and globally.