LCM Core Planning Process

At the heart of ProLOGS™ is our LCM Core Planning Process, a market-tested framework that guides strategic planning throughout the life cycle management process.  Using comprehensive methods for analyzing and prioritizing LCM opportunities, we arrive at a plan that best fits a company's needs and available resources for implementation.

Our LCM Core Planning Process includes:

  1. Idea generation with key functions and regions to foster a broad set of concepts
  2. Build evaluation framework from measurable criteria collected across the organization using RxC’s Key Criteria and Ratings for LCM
  3. Research technical data on each idea and perform a market analysis
  4. Opportunity evaluation and prioritization using standardized criteria and client-specific scoring and weighting system to identify high priority concepts
  5. Business case development for high priority LCM concepts
  6. Plan Approval and Implementation with final selection based on available resources