RxC International Transforms Biopharmaceutical Life Cycle Management Planning with RxC ProLOGS™ Solution

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March 16, 2018

MORRISTOWN, NJ, RxC International announced today the launch of its RxC ProLOGS™ pharmaceutical life cycle management planning solution.  RxC ProLOGS incorporates in-depth market research, innovative concept development, advanced analytics, cross-functional client input, and industry best practices to produce actionable insights for maximizing product value.

“The key to meaningful life cycle planning across an organization is a consistent process that creates long-term value," says Subbarao Jayanthi, Managing Partner. “Our solution allows clients to institutionalize a disciplined process to identify and develop growth opportunities as part of life cycle planning efforts.”

The RxC ProLOGS planning process leverages proven steps created and successfully applied by our experts at numerous biopharma companies.  This process, combined with market-tested tools and frameworks, enables us to work with pharmaceutical product teams from early development through post launch to comprehensively research market opportunities, identify and evaluate potential LCM concepts, and perform a scoring exercise to prioritize top LCM opportunities. We then work with clients to develop business cases for high priority concepts and support plan implementation.

RxC ProLOGS tools and frameworks include:

  • Idea Generation Process
  • Comprehensive Market Assessment
  • Key Criteria and Scoring Tool for Prioritizing LCM Concepts
  • Life Cycle Concept Prioritization Framework
  • Business Case Development Framework
  • Life Cycle Opportunity Valuation Tool

“Establishing an LCM prioritization framework that aligns evaluation criteria with the client’s goals and objectives is critical,” says Nick DeSanctis, Executive Partner.  “Launching RxC ProLOGS is the culmination of our long-term efforts working with clients to develop a streamlined and productive life cycle management planning process.”

RxC International’s partners have extensive experience developing, evaluating, and implementing life cycle management plans both as biopharmaceutical executives and strategy consultants.  Our team’s unique combination of strategic and operational expertise enables us to capture maximum value across the product life cycle.  We have designed the RxC ProLOGS process to create buy-in across the organization and develop a clear framework for decision-making. 

Explore RxC ProLOGS at https://www.rxcinternational.com/rxc-prologs or contact us to learn more about how we can maximize the value of your product’s lifespan.


RxC International is a premier life sciences management consulting firm. RxC collaborates with clients to identify and develop growth opportunities. The firm combines strategic and operational expertise to create value for clients. The firm has deep expertise in corporate strategy, new product strategy, and commercial excellence.  RxC offices are located in Morristown (NJ), Cambridge (MA), and San Diego (CA).  Additional information about RxC International can be found at www.RxCInternational.com.


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