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Corporate Strategy

A corporate development plan must provide a clear path to an organization to achieve their vision.  Life Sciences companies need these plans to effectively plan and execute near term and long term strategies (e.g., portfolio alignment, new market entry, investments, acquisitions, and divestures) especially given that it takes a number of years to develop products in this regulatory environment.

Strategic Planning

A successful strategic plan allows the organization to effectively navigate through the complexities in this global healthcare environment while aligning stakeholders and fulfilling the expectations of shareholders.

Business plans allow organizations to translate broader strategic plans into operational plans.  These operational plans clearly articulate annual goals, investment requirements, and performance measures.  We have extensive experience in developing actionable strategic and operational plans for Life Sciences companies.

Therapeutic Area Strategy

BioPharma companies constantly seek opportunities to further strengthen the portfolio within a TA or may want to enter into a new TA as part of portfolio expansion. A good therapeutic area strategy requires a deeper understanding of 1) market drivers including clinical, regulatory, reimbursement, prescriber and patient related factors and 2) what it takes in terms of strategic commitment and resources required to win. We collaborate with clients to develop these TA strategies and strategic roadmaps for long term success.

Other Areas of Corporate DEVELOPMENT Expertise

  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Personalized Medicine Strategy
  • Business Model Redesign
  • P&L/Cost Structure Optimization

Org & Process Design

An effective organizational design must ensure that structure, processes, and governance are aligned. A comprehensive diagnostic is often required to assess the state of the organization and to identify potential opportunities to improve the organizational effectiveness. For example, having a high performing New Product Planning function in place is critical to developing a strong product portfolio. The success of this group is dependent on effectively connecting the science and business sides of the organization through integrated decision making. Our value chain management expertise allows us to take a strategic perspective to designing organizational structure and capabilities to ensure successful implementation of critical development and commercialization capabilities.

Other Areas of Org & Process Design Expertise

  • R&D Operating Models
  • Product Development Process
  • Project Management Process
  • Commercial Models
  • Governance

Business Development

Product/Company Valuation

A solid understanding of a product potential allows a BioPharma company to make informed investment decisions.  We take a comprehensive approach to assist clients in evaluating the clinical, regulatory, tech ops, and commercial attractiveness of each asset.  We leverage this information to develop forecasting models to assess demand and likely value creation for shareholders.  We have proprietary valuation tools that provide much deeper insight into the attractiveness of BioPharma investment opportunities (e.g., technologies, products, and companies).

Our state-of-the-art patient flow driven valuation models are ideal for BioPharma companies, venture capital firms, investment banks, and private equity companies to take advantage of.  Our proven approach / models are applied to assessing investment opportunities into life sciences products, technologies, and companies.

Other Areas of Business Development Expertise

  • Alliance Management
  • Strategy and Due Diligence