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Target Value Profile for a New Drug


A specialty biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of novel therapies for treating neuropathic pain needed assistance with assessing the market.  Our client encountered competition within this ever-growing market and needed assistance differentiating its brand.  RxC was asked to perform a strategic market assessment to develop a Target Value Profile (TVP) to aid in distinguishing our client’s products from potential competitors.


To develop a successful Target Value Profile, RxC adopted a strategic approach that entailed:

  • Assessing the market to understand unmet needs, treatment algorithms, and the competitive landscape

  • Identifying clinical and economic outcomes delivered by each product

  • Assessing the client’s product profile and how it could be differentiated at launch

  • Conducting physician, payer, and patient interviews to develop optimal outcomes

  • Capturing and incorporating the patient journey


Our Target Value Profile methodology provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of its product’s position within the market and outcomes to focus on for optimal differentiation.  The TVP included a base case, upside case, and downside case that enabled a full market picture to emerge.