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Channel Assessment and Strategy Development


A specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing therapy for Hepatitis B needed assistance in understanding strategies for creating demand within the Integrated Delivery Network channel.  The client also needed to better understand channel opportunities and strategies for contracting.


As part of a specific channel market strategy, RxC International addressed a number of elements including:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of the segmentation methodology for different types of existing IDN structures

  • Profiling IDNs to understand purchasing, contracting cycles, and decision-making processes around specific vaccination practices

  • Defining key decision-making process steps around vaccine protocols/products within this channel and identifying opportunities to drive uptake and use for specific therapies

  • Developing contracting strategy for IDNs and hospitals and defining the resources required to effectively target this segment


As a result of the analysis RxC provided, the client was able to gain deeper understanding of purchasing, contracting, vaccination barriers, and overall channel dynamics.  The client went on to apply RxC’s recommendations for resource allocation and the strategic deployment of account managers across that channel.